Car Rental Terms and Condition

Car Rental - Terms & Conditions

  • The Hirer is responsible for any tyre puncture or damage to the hired vehicle sustained in an accident while it is in his custody. However, the maintenance of the worn out tyre treads through wear and tear in the course of ordinary usage of the “Vehicle” shall remain the responsibility of the Owner.
  • In the event of the stalling of the “Vehicle” arising from a mechanical failure, the Owner will be responsible for the 24-hours towing charges of the Vehicle. Please call 6858 4067, Teo Kian Chee Chen Towing Services, to arrange for towing of the vehicle.
  • All drivers of the “Vehicle” must possess a valid Singapore driving licence, have a minimum experience of a year driving Class 3 vehicles, be at least 21 but below 60 years of age.
  • Insurance Coverage

Liability to the Third party

In the event of a third-Party claim, The Hirer shall be responsible for the first S$3,000.

    • Co-Share in Liability

The Hirer is liable for the first S$2,000 as well as the loss of use of the “Vehicle”(to be charged at the daily rated rate) in the event of any damage sustained by it. However, this liability excludes any damage to the under-carriage wheelbase, engine, mechanical functions as well as accessories in the course of ordinary usage.

  • When the “Vehicle” is involved in any traffic accident, the Hirer is required to make an advance payment to “Khim Seah Enterprise Pte Ltd”, to offset the cost of repairs to the insurance claim.
  • The “Vehicle” under lease, is only to be used on the roads of Singapore.
  • For ‘Vehicle Inspection & Servicing’,

Advance notice of 2 to 3 working days will be provided by the Owner when the “Vehicle” is due for servicing, maintenance and/or inspection. The hire is responsible for sending the vehicle at the designated venue for the above purposes.

The hirer must provide advance notice of 1 working day before arranging a vehicle for repair and checks in our workshop.

If major servicing takes more than 3 hours, a similar replacement vehicle will be provided for use temporarily in the meantime until servicing is completed. However, no replacement of a vehicle is provided for minor servicing of vehicle completed in less than 2 hours.

  • We will charge S$80 complete with labour to service the vehicle if the vehicle's breakdown is due to your misappropriation of vehicle, e.g. battery flat caused by unnecessary wastage and use of light or fuel oil not top up due to your negligence etc.
  • The hirer is responsible for all parking and traffic offences when the vehicle is in your custody. All traffic offences and summons notice received on your behalf shall be forwarded directly to hirer for payment. If payment defaults, S$10 service fee per fine shall be charged to settle the case on your behalf.
  • We seek your cooperation to maintain the vehicle in good working condition when it is under your care and usage.
  • One month advance notice must be provided by both parties to terminate the rental services upon completion of the contract service.
  • Prices are subjected to current prevailing GST rate.